Liionidas Extreme Open Baffle

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The Liionidas Extreme is a masterclass on being different with elegance.

Yes, it's open, no traditional boxes messing the sound with vibrations and reflections. But how?  By using a dipole technology approach, very special handmade drivers that can reproduce the most minimal nuances in the recordings, and classy design. They are capable of presenting a soundstage that no other speaker technology can.

The flowing lines of the stainless steel column support the structure, gives the Liionidas a different look from the traditional.

It's signature sound will awe you.

Elegant piano finish.

The Liionidas Extreme is a premium version of Liionidas Open Baffle designed by Leon Huijgen.


See the recent reviews by Thomas & Stereo and Hifi Cave!


The set contains:

  • A pair of baffles made with marine wood and high reflex lacquer
  • Easy joint system for the baffles (removes the need to screw anything to assemble)
  • A pair of Liionidas crossovers
  • A pair of spines
  • A pair of bases
  • A pair of wings
  • A few spare parts
  • Silver-10

Lii Song speakers are available on a pre-order basis. Shipment timelines vary, however on average, please allow a minimum of 10-12 weeks for delivery.


*Sold and priced as a pair. 
*Prices in Canadian dollars.
*Can only be shipped within Canada.

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