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For Those who Enjoy the Uber High-End Products in Life

Whether you are in pursuit of a luxury audio system for natural sound with minimal distortion or looking to enjoy a concert hall experience in the comfort of your home environment;

The SuperMon Isobaric is the perfect speaker for those who refuse to settle for anything besides the best with regards to what the world of luxury audio has to offer.


Majestic Performance Meets Unparalleled Engineering 

The SuperMon Isobaric was created to bring about a revolution in the audio industry. 

Our latest innovation not only offers impeccable sound quality, but it combines it with a level of never-seen-before construction and engineering. 

The outer construction and cabinet consist of Metal, and aluminum in particular to ensure the most sophisticated sound quality possible. The large-diameter 7mm thick precision-machined aluminum front plate ensures linear frequency response and represents an extremely stable platform for the magnetic movement system inside. 

What’s on the Inside Compliments What’s on the Outside

Our 142 pounds (each) heavy-weight SuperMon Isobaric refuses to be a regular bookshelf class speaker. What’s on the inside takes its sophistication and performance to a whole new level.

Within its modern and clean design, it contains the popular Bass-midrange driver AudioTechnology 6A77 and the Exotic T35 from SEAS.

T35 is a classic coated fabric dome tweeter with high sensitivity and smooth, extended frequency response. Manufactured by the famed Dr. K. Müller in Germany, this dome is known for its excellent performance and consistency.

A generously underhung 35mm voice coil wound from copper-clad aluminum wire further enhances sensitivity. Flexible lead-out wires and venting holes in the aluminum coil former are included to combat noise and keep it to a minimum.

The Isobaric design with hybrid coil applications enables the units to produce and handle low frequency with natural sound tone from the enclosure.

A highly efficient Alnico V ring magnet in a carefully designed system is the secret ingredient to high sensitivity and low distortion.

The high-quality components work in tandem with marvellous design to create a match truly made in audiophile heaven.


* Ships directly from the factory in approximately 2 weeks.

*Can only be shipped within Canada.

Technical Information
Configuration 2.5 Way Isobaric Cabinet Material Aluminum 606 Grade Face Plate Colors Silver, Black, Red, Royal Navy (ask for customization) Bespoke Color Available on request with additional cost Tweeter Unit SEAS Exotic T35 Mid Woofer Audiotechnolocy 6A77 Woofer Eton bass woofer Frequency Range 37hz ~ 25,000hz Impedence Sensitivity 4 Ohm/ 89dB Speaker Dimension (inch) & Weight(lbs) 9.69/16.54/19.69 & 80 lbs Stand Dimension (inch) & Weight(lbs) 10.63/17.32/23.54 & 62 lbs