$ 80,880.00 MXN
*Thermal treated.
For orders outside of Canada and continental USA, email us at for a shipping/freight quote.
*All prices are for a pair; shipping will be calculated at checkout. *Drivers shown are MACO™ prototypes; the final version that will come standard with the MACARIAS are featured below in the section "MACO™ Drivers".*Additional customizations are available on some materials; see the section below on "Materials" or contact us for a quote.
Materials and Finishes

Birch: The Birch model is formed by many layers of ply. With its beautiful natural lines, the rough finish of the Birch gives this baffle its unique raw, laid back look. It comes standard in a natural finish; gloss can be added as an upgrade. If you would like your Birch baffle in a specific colour, we can do automotive custom work to further personalize your baffle; contact us for a quote.

Walnut: The Walnut model is shaped from solid wood, exuding a classic coziness and natural elegance. It comes standard in a natural finish; gloss can be added as an upgrade.

Stone: Sculpted from a single piece of Granite or Quartz, the Stone model is the epitome of luxury. It comes standard in a natural finish; it can be polished as an upgrade for an extra luxurious touch. Quartz comes standard in white, however if you would like your Quartz baffle in a specific colour, contact us for a quote.

*For information on the sonic differences between the materials, see the FAQ section below.


Grounded: Also called the Single Leg, the Grounded Base comes standard with the MACARIAS. This base supports the baffle closer to the ground, with isolation provided by VIABLUE™ UFO absorbers. Sitting closer to the ground, produces a deeper bass.

Floating: An upgrade option, this base uses 5mm of damping compound at its connection to the baffle coupled with VIABLUE™ UFO XL absorbers in the legs. Engineered to suspend the baffle in the air, it literally makes the MACARIAS "float", reducing interaction with the floor to an absolute minimum, resulting in more defined bass and increased separation.


All MACARIAS will come standard with two 15 inch MACO™ paper cone drivers.

The final versions of the MACO™ Drivers are featured below.


What are the sonic differences between the baffle materials?

In addition to aesthetics, each material has its own sound and personality. Every material interacts differently with sound, adding its own flavor and tonality to the music.

Overall, the wood options have a warmer tone. Solid wood has a warmer mid-range, which enriches the voices and instruments. Birch is the more neutral of the woods.

The stone models (i.e., the granite and) quartz have more definition. The stone’s dense mass ensures no interaction with the acoustic driver, allowing it to transform the signal into distortion-free, pristine, and detailed sound.

What are the sonic differences between the two base options?

The Grounded Base, which comes standard with the MACARIAS, produces a deeper bass as it sits closer to the ground.

The Floating Base, which is an upgrade, suspends the baffle in the air, reducing interaction with the floor to an absolute minimum, resulting in more defined bass and increased separation.

What is "thermal treated" wood and why did you choose to use it?

In our ongoing commitment to offering the highest quality and most durable materials, we're excited to announce that as of April 2024, our wood* baffles will now undergo thermal treatment. The thermal treatment process enhances the durability and resistance of the wood, and also deepens the color, enriching its elegance.

The ability to thermally treat our woods means that we can now offer additional wood options previously unavailable due to stability concerns. Therefore, in additional to Walnut, we are excited to introduce the MACARIA in thermally treated Ash and Maple.

*Does not include Birch Ply.

What is the ideal power and room set-up for the MACARIAS?

The MACARIAS have a sensitivity of 91dBs so most amplifiers should be able to drive them however we do recommend anything above 50W to stay safe and ensure good bass control.

We have tested them with a 300B (7W) amp, and they sound fantastic at regular listening levels in a well-treated room. Just keep in mind that at high listening levels the lower frequencies will demand more power to have better control.

We aim to ensure that your experience with the MACARIAS is unparalleled in your personal space. Therefore, to achieve the absolute best sound quality, we encourage you to email us at to inform us about the electronics you plan to pair with your MACARIAS. This will allow us to confirm the compatibility and ensure that your setup delivers the optimal auditory experience.

The ideal distance from the wall for placement of the MACARIAS is 3-6ft.

What parts do you use in your crossover?

At MACO™, we never cut corners. Our crossover uses top grade components such as the humongous custom-made capacitor and inductor. We have also made sure to use minimal parts on the signal path and point-to -point connections.

Where can I hear the MACARIAS?

We will be celebrating our official North American Launch at Axpona in Chicago this year. You can visit us in room 686 from April 12-14, 2024 and hear the MACARIAS in person!

If you are in the Toronto area, we have a Listening Room in downtown and are always open to visitors.

For our friends in the continental USA, we are starting to build Listening Rooms with MACO™ Ambassadors across the country. As more information becomes available, we will post it on our website. Stay tuned!

Following Axpona, we will also start exhibiting at additional Audio Shows throughout the year, in the US and Canada. Stay tuned for more information!

Where will you ship?

The MACARIA will ship worldwide; customers are responsible for all shipping costs. For orders outside of Canada and continental USA, email us at for a shipping/freight quote. International shipping, customs fees, country taxes, and other import duties may apply according to your country's regulations. We recommend that you check with your local customs office for more information on these charges before placing your order.

For more information, see our Shipping Policy.

When can I expect to receive my MACARIAS?

Custom Craftsmanship Takes Time
Each piece in our collection is crafted to your specifications, truly made to order. This bespoke process ensures your item is uniquely yours, reflecting the high-quality materials and craftsmanship that go into every order.

Estimated Delivery Timeline
Due to the personalized nature of our craftsmanship, please allow a creation period for your exclusive piece. For this first batch, we expect to start delivering in July 2024.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, as this time allows us to ensure the utmost quality and customization of your product.

Thank you for choosing our artisanal approach, where quality and individuality are worth the wait.

What is your return policy?

For those who have supported us by using the 40% off VIP promo for MACARIA purchases, your belief in our journey means everything to us. This discount was a special, one-time-only, pre-launch 'Thank You' to everyone who has stood by us. Please understand that purchases made with this promotion are considered final once shipped, meaning no returns can be accepted. However, we do accept cancellations before shipping, with a refund provided minus an administration fee. This policy ensures we can honour our commitment to our early supporters, offering flexibility until the shipment is finalized.

For regular-priced items, please see our Return Policy.

What is the warranty on the MACARIAS?

A five year warranty is provided to the original owner of the MACARIA. Please see our Warranty Policy for more information.