Madly Audacious Concepts Inc.d/b/a Madly Audio Boutique (“Madly Audio Boutique”) offers warranties directly to its customers for Lii Song and MACO™ products. For all other products, warranty is as per the brand’s stipulation. Where applicable, Madly Audio Boutique will provide a link to the manufacturers’ websites in order for customers to sign up for the respective brand’s warranty program.

The following warranty applies to Lii Song and MACO™:

New speakers purchased from this website or authorized retailers are covered under a Madly Audio Boutique warranty (the Madly Audio Boutique Warranty) providing for a replacement of the affected component for a period of 5 years. Open box and/or Demo Model products are covered for a period of one year, during which time they would be eligible for repair or replacement.

*Normal wear and tear is excluded.

** Shipping costs in the event of the replacement of a product under warranty are excluded.

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser; it is not transferable. To take full advantage of your Madly Audio Boutique Warranty, and to avoid any confusion in the future, it is best to create a customer profile on the Madly Audio Boutique website and to retain your original purchase receipt.

To exercise your warranty rights, contact Madly Audio Boutique at warranty@madlyaudio.com to describe the issues and a Madly Audio Boutique representative will assist you. Photos of the product should be included to document its condition prior to shipping.

As well, if you are unsure about these terms or about the warranty of any Lii Song or MACO™ component, please consult your authorized dealer or contact Madly Audio Boutique directly at warranty@madlyaudio.com.

Lii Song and MACO™ speakers are built to exacting designs and quality tested every step of the way. They are constructed of high-quality materials engineered for long life and high-performance sound.

Last updated: February 2024