Crafted with precision using luxury, locally sourced materials, the MACARIA loudspeaker delivers a huge, exquisite, immersive sound in an elegant, open concept design.

Open Baffle Speaker Carved from Stone!

The MACARIA isn’t just a loudspeaker, it is an investment in acoustic artistry and home décor for a lifetime. Designed to endure generations, it blends functionality, sustainability and aesthetics seamlessly in an audacious statement piece sculpted to elevate any space.

Personalize to your Taste

From the the luxurious sophistication of granite and quartz, to the classic warmth of solid wood, to the casualness of birch, the MACARIAS offer a choice of materials for every taste, lifestyle, and personality.

The MACO™ Promise

Honest design is at the core of the MACO™ brand. Achieving the unconventional with simplicity is our drive.

What People Are Saying

“Simply magnificent.”

“Aesthetically stunning.”

“It looks like a piece of art.”

“I've never seen anything like it.”

“It feels like the sound is all around you.”

“It's like a concert in your home.”

"The acoustic detail is incredible."

"Very directional, focused sound."

"Very defined bass."

"The soundstage is huge!"

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